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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a “licensed bartender”?

  • A licensed Bartender has been trained to provide you the best and most practical service there is.  We practice Responsible Serving to provide you the best event experience.

If I am providing the alcohol for my event, can my you serve it?

  • Yes.  We can assist you in planning your event and providing you estimated amounts of supplies to purchase on your own.  This allows you to stretch your hard-earned dollar and give you the best experience for your budget.

Is it illegal to serve someone who is obviously intoxicated?

  • Yes.  It is both illegal and irresponsible service.  We provide the best experience for all of our clients. Overserving a guest is not in anyone's best interest.

What types of bar packages do you offer?

  • We offer a Service Only package where you provide it all and we provide the licensed/insured staff.  We provide a Service Plus package where you provide some of the supplies/products and we provide any other supplies/products and the  licensed/insured staff. We provide a Full Service package where you tell us what you want and we do all the rest.

What other services do you provide? 

  • We can assist you in securing the best food vendors, DJ's, Florists, Linens and Event Supplies, and venues for your event.

Can we have a non-alcoholic bar only (ie. Juice, soft drinks, coffee)?

  • Yes

What methods of payment do you accept?

  • We currently accept cash and checks.

What is your deposit requirement?

  • We currently require only a non-refundable $50 Save-the-Date fee,  We do this to ensure your event has the proper planning and staffing available.  Any special order items must be paid in full no less than 15 days prior to your event.  Special Order Items are non-refundable.  If your event is less than 15 days away, we do charge a premium for the expedited planning. Special Order Items may not be available for your event.

How much time do you require for set up and break down of my event?

  • For most events we require 90 minutes to set-up and 60 minutes to clean-up our area(s).

Can you provide bartenders and servers?

  • Yes.  We offer a Service Only package.

Do you provide the drink ware?

  • We can get rid of this since it's part of the Service Plus package.

How far in advance should I book my event?

  • The sooner an event is planned, the better.  We have worked with clients from literally around the world.  We plan events a year in advance, months in advance, weeks in advance, or even days in advance.  Please understand that limited planning time can mean that some requests may be harder to accommodate and may require premium pricing.

Is there a minimum guest count?

  • We can accommodate events from 25 to 1000+ guests.

What is your cancellation policy?

  • If an event is cancelled, Special Order Items costs and the Save-the Date fee are non-refundable.  We ask that any event cancellations be made a minimum of 15 days in advance.

When is final payment due?

  • We offer pre-paid service or you can choose to finalize your payment on the day of the event. Please contact us for all payment options.

Are you insured?

  • Yes.

How far do you travel?

  • We service most areas from Evanston, IL to Racine, WI. We travel from Lake Michigan to Spring Grove, IL. (McHenry County, IL)